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Castle Nathria Mythic Run

Castle Nathria Mythic Run
  • EU
  • US
  • Piloted
  • Self Play
  • 3/10 bosses
  • 4/10 bosses
  • 5/10 bosses
  • 6/10 bosses
  • 7/10 bosses
  • 8/10 bosses
  • 9/10 bosses
  • 10/10 bosses

Sire Denathrius and his minions: Hungering destroyer, artificer Xy’mox, and others betrayed Revedreth covenant. They have a deal with Jailer and redirected streams of anima to the maw. Now other lords of Revendreth ask for help from Azeroth’s heroes to defeat Sir Denathrius in his castle Nathria in mythic mode.

Castle Nathria — is the most grotesque, ambient, and gothic structure of the Revendreth. This is 1st raid of Shadowlands Expansion, which has a classic structure with 10 bosses, with the last epic battle. Breaking through this raid you will find sun king Kael’thas in in captivity. 

The mythic mode of this raid is much harder than you even can imagine. So our professional team balalaikaboost will provide you special service — Boosting carry Castle Nathria Mythic run. We work on SL expansion from beta test, and best-known tactics, so we:

  • Will carry your mythic run.
  • Do the best, what we can. Killing bosses without wipes in mythic difficulty.
  • Done achievement for Castle Nathria mythic.
  • Done achievement from killing Sire Denathrius. 
  • Achievement: Sire Denathrius
  • Gives you the best results on the market.

In mythic raids we provide next loot system. you guarantee will took 6 slots from 10 bosses. 5 different slots from 8 bosses. from 6 bosses, you'll guarantee took 4 different slots. From 1-2 bosses, no loot guarantee

If you work with balalaikaboost, you can be assumed what your order will full of safety, anonymity. Also, we’re the cheapest and fastest boosters team on the SL expansion.

What you’ll get

After you paying Mythic run, you’ll get the best service, that includes:

  • Completely done all raid almost without wipes.
  • Good gear with an average ilvl 226 (and 233 from last two bosses).
  • Some matts from thrash and bosses.
  • Chance to get Legendary Effects suitable for your class.
  • Chance to get BoE items.
  • Achievement that confirms your progress in shadowlands. Like Cutting:edge Sire Denathrius, and Ahead of the Curve:sire Denathrius
  • Personal live-streaming of raid progress (available only for piloted-mode).
  • A lot of fun, and some special experience, learn tactics of all 10 bosses Castle Nathria (for selfplay-mode).

Check requirements

If you want to buy the service “Castle Nathria mythic run”, you should be assumed, what you have 60th level character. We’re not picky about your gear level. The main requirement is that you haven’t cooldown for Castle Nathria mythic this week.

If you have cooldown for Castle Nathria in mythic mode, you should wait next week, before ordering our service.

Don’t waste your time, hurry up, kill the traitor Sir Denathrius and his minions in mythic mode. Be one of the first, who will complete this raid in the hardest mode even. Get your overepic gear, and be the best.

Extra options

If you need, you can choose some extra options like:

  • Self-play. We don’t recommend this mode, if you not sure about your gaming skills. But this mode will give you much more fun, and full experience from the mythic run Castle Nathria.
  • Piloted-mode. It is recommended for new and casual players. In which mode we will work from your account, by sharing our access to it. This is the best way to get good gear and a full achievement list faster.
  • Extra-fast start. Chosen this, we will start raiding as soon as possible. Average time of start raiding, about 1-2 hours from accepting your order.

Also, we have some options, which can might interesting to you. Full-gear farm in mythic mode. Glory Nathria raider, or single item farm. You can see them on the relevant site sections.