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Castle Nathria Heroic Run

Castle Nathria Heroic Run
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Castle Nathria — the most secret, atmospheric, and gothic place in the world of Warcraft shadowlands. The plot of this place starts from the better times of Revendreth when this covenant doesn’t put streams of anima to the maw. Now, with treachery sire Denathrius all streams of anima gone to the maw for the lord jailer. Now Castle Nathria is corrupted, and waiting for “Hero of Azeroth” which will clear it fully. Defeat all 10 bosses in heroic mode. 

Tired wait for other players until they’re complete with The Castle Nathria in normal mode? Balalaikaboost will provide you a special service: Heroic carry through Castle Nathria run!

Description of service

Balalaikaboost’s service to Heroic run in Castle Nathria — is the best way to get a basic list of achievements, with gear upper than 213 (or 220 for last 2 bosses). Before you buy a heroic carry, you should check our requirements to get the Castle Nathria. 

As soon as possible after your paying, we start to collect our team for your raid. We need about a few hours, or minutes to get ready for raiding in SL. When we ready, we invite you to our raid group and start our adventure in Castle Nathria.

We will kill all 10 bosses, and try to get maximum profit from the run, do achievements. All raids will continue for about 1,5-2 hours.

Note: Raid time can be increased in the first weeks of the raid.


We value our clients, so provide some extra-options, what you can choose before order:

  • Pilot-mode. If you are not sure about your gaming skills, or have no a lot of free time, you can trust your raid progress to our booster. All services in pilot-mode, doings full automatically by our player (without any bots), without your presence.
  • Self-play. If you want to get the full experience, you can join our team, and see everything with your own eyes.
  • Personal live-streaming progress. If you worry about your raiding group, just watch your stream, and have fun!

It might be interesting: If you want, we have a special offer — full gear farm for Castle Nathria, or Glory Nathria raider. You can get it at a big discount.

What you’ll get

If you order the professional service from Heroic run carry for Castle Nathria, you will get:


  • Some suitable gear, what will be dropped. (213 from first bosses. And 220 for last 2 bosses)
  • Achievement, what confirms your raid run completed.
  • Achievement: Ahead of the curve: Sire Denathrius 
  • Chance to get Legendary Effects suitable for your class from the Sire Denathrius (not 100% droprate).
  • Chance to loot powerful conduits for your character.
  • Chance to get BoE items.

You can choose your loot system, as you need. We provide service for:

  • Personal loot. You have only that loot, which give you system through the raid progress.
  • Trade loot — other characters with the same type of armor will give you loot through the raid progress. You can choose how many traders (1-7) with the same type of gear will give you items. 

We have no requirements for your skill. Just follow the commands of the Raid leader, and don’t do “ninja pull” and everything will go smoothly.

However, we’ve got some extra options for Heroic Castle Nathria, which will help in your SL progress.


Before you order, make certain about:

  • You have 60th level character, ready for raiding.
  • You can share our access to your blizzard account if you want to get a piloted-mode completing run.
  • You have no Cooldown for Castle Nathria in Heroic mode.

We have no special requirements for gear of your character because our booster always overgeared, to guarantee fast, easiest, and cheapest carry ever you saw before. Slay the traitor. Hold back anima stream from the Maw, and be the epic hero on your realm with the balalaikaboost team!