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Argent Commendations Farm

Argent Commendations Farm
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Happens! Argent crusade will back in the World of Warcraft 9 — Shadowlands. Now they’re fighting with new invaders from the shadowlands. Stop wasting your time, and join the most powerful team, which tries to save our world. 

Now Argent Crusade have new badges, that can help you get some special items for transmogrification or a special pet Anti-doom broom. Also with Argent commendations badges, you’ll take the base epic equipment for shadowlands with an average item level of 170! But to get this, you should farm a lot of Argent Commendations.

Requirements and how it works

All that you need to order Argent Commendations Farm is 1 character with Shadowlands. Also, you should share our access to your account, cause the farm doing in Pilote-mode.

After you ordered this service, our manager will contact you, to check the access for the account. When we finish farm, we will give you a notification, and you’ll continue your adventure in Shadowlands.

Our Service of Argent Commendations Farm

Balalaikaboost can help you with Argent Commendations Farm. We’re the most trusted service in World of Warcraft, cause our professional boosters best know, how to farm Argent Commendations. We’ve worked on SL from the Beta test, and know some secret paths, that can help you get all that you want, cheaper, faster, and easier than our boosting service provide.

For today we provide flexible service. You can order x20 multiple Argent Commendations, for 1 day of farming. Also, you can chance to get:

  • Random transmogrification equipment;
  • One 34’s slots bag (Papa’s Mint Condition Bag);
  • Some Accursed keepsake, which drops from Torghast ghosts.