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Arena Rating Boost 3v3

Arena Rating Boost 3v3
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Arena 3x3 Rating Carry Includes

Depending on chosen arena rating carry, you will gain all the following rewards: 

Rank (Rating)FoS AchievementTitleThe Great Vault weekly reward item levelConquest Gear item level unlockedElite Gear Set and cosmetic items unlocked
Combatant (1400-1599)Combatant I: Shadowlands Season 2Combatant233 item level233 item level-
Challenger (1600-1799)Challenger I: Shadowlands Season 2Challenger239 item level239 item level-
Rival (1800-2099)Rival I: Shadowlands Season 2Rival246 item level246 item levelHead, Shoulder, Chest, Hands, Legs, Feet, Wrist and Waist
Duelist (2100-2399)Duelist: Shadowlands Season 2Duelist252 item level252 item levelCloak
Illusion: Unchained Fury
Elite (2400+)Elite: Shadowlands Season 2The Elite252 ilvl gear and 259 ilvl weapon252 ilvl gear and 259 ilvl weaponTabard
Gladiator (2400+)Gladiator: Shadowlands Season 2Gladiator252 ilvl gear and 259 ilvl weapon252 ilvl gear and 259 ilvl weaponUnchained Gladiator's Soul Eater mount

If you want to get a WoW arena Gladiator or just regularly achieve the weekly points cap, you need a lot of time and effort. Even if you believe that you have enough experience and mastery at PvP, the winning rate may vary between 40-60%. It means that you will spend hours, weeks, and maybe months grinding on the arena to achieve just some results. There will be a lot of obstacles on this journey because you may encounter all those overpowered classes, random setups, or unstable arena meta that will prevent you from gaining what you want.

There is a great way out BalalaikaBoost can offer you - to buy the WoW Arena Rating Boost for 3v3 options for your choice and receive the Gladiator title in the end just enjoying the gameplay. We arrange everything in the way that you will:

  • Avoid stresses and nervous breakdowns;
  • Skip the lengthy process grinding the arena;
  • Achieve all your arena goals and objectives;
  • Avoid the interference from all those ‘True Professionals’ who know nothing about the arena chain control;
  • Learn the new Warcraft tactics and styles;
  • Get the arena achievements to join other activities freely;
  • Get the precious guidance from true arena professionals;
  • Receive the Gladiator title in the end.

With our offer, you will obtain:

  1. Successful boosting to the arena rating selected by you.
  2. The granted titles of Combatant, Challenger, Rival, Duelist, and the Elite depending on your current rank and boosting choice.
  3. The Mark of Honor, as well as Honor and Conquest points.
  4. A lot of Reservoir Anima.
  5. Some parts of Elite Set Appearances and one guaranteed item from the weekly chest as well as one item from each arena combat.
  6. Some of the achievements that also depend on the selected ranking, such as Just the Two of Us: 1 550; Just the Two of Us: 1 750; Just the Two of Us: 2 000; Just the Two of us: 2 200; Three’s Company: 1 550; Three’s Company; 1 750; Three’s Company: 2 000; Three’s Company: 2 200; and Three’s Company: 2 400.
  7. The achievement Feats of Strength including: Combatant: Shadowlands Season 2; Challenger: Shadowlands Season 2; Rival: Shadowlands Season 2; Duelist: Shadowlands Season 2; Elite: Shadowlands: Season 2.
  8. Vicious Saddle that can be traded and exchanged for any mount for Alliance or Horde pool when you reach the rating of 1000+.

The ETA is about 1-4 weeks and it depends on t=your current rating. We can start the boost within 1-2 days or, if you want it to start earlier, you may choose ‘Priority Option’.

3v3 Arena Rating Carry Info

Our WoW Arena Rating Boost for 3v3 options will be done by professional boosters who are experienced enough to take care of your account and all the possible obstacles on the way. If you are interested and need more information about the boosting process, consult the ‘Details’ section. We do our boosts 24/7 so you always ask questions to our support team via JivoChat, Discord, or Skype.

There are a lot of necessary rating conditions and the current status of your account matters very much. Approximate minimum requirements are as follows:

    • 1400-1600 Arena Rating - 220+ PvP gear item level (depends on class/spec, additional requirements possible);
    • 1800 Arena Rating - 225+ PvP gear item level (depends on class/spec, additional requirements possible);
    • 2100 Arena Rating - 230+ PvP gear item level (depends on class/spec, additional requirements possible);
    • 2400 Arena Rating - 240+ PvP gear item level (additional requirements possible)

WoW 3v3 Arena Rating Details

Purchase the WoW Arena Rating Boost from BalalaikaBoost and Become a True Gladiator

BalalaikaBoost has a complete team of professional 3v3 arena players who can play on any server and faction. The service we provide will look like that:

  1. You need to choose your region from either an EU server or US server.
  2. There are two boost methods used - Piloted and Self Play to choose from.
  3. You place the order on our website and pay for it.
  4. As soon as the order is confirmed, our support manager will contact you to discuss the details and timing.
  5. You will provide your account’s login and password for our booster to play in the Piloted Mode or agree about the exact time of boosting if you want to play together with our team in the Self Play mode.
  6. You will be able to see all the process via screenshots and private live streaming.
  7. We will care about the safety of your account by using the VPN of your country or location and avoiding any third-party programs or bots.
  8. You can ask any questions or reveal the concerns via LiveChat with our support team.

Attention! Though the boost is a quite smooth and straightforward procedure, we cannot 100% guarantee that your account will not be blocked or banned someday by the controlling authorities. That is why place your order only if you are ready to take the risk. Unfortunately, we cannot refund your boost payment if something like that occasionally happens. By confirming your order, you agree to these conditions.

To avoid such a risk, you may opt for the coaching mode that is a separate service provided on our website.

Two Methods of Boosting Are Available Here 

Piloted. Everything is quite straightforward. Our experienced booster will play in the arena for your character. You provide us with the login and password to your account and follow the process via the private live streaming channel or screenshots of the key points of the boost. 

Self Play. You are informed about the exact time to join our team of boosters and play yourself following the advice and tactics of our professionals. Try not to take unexpected steps because you may intrude the procedure.