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8/8 Heroic Dungeons Boost

8/8 Heroic Dungeons Boost
  • EU
  • US
  • Piloted
  • Self Play
  • Personal loot
  • Add 1 trader
  • Add 2 traders
  • Add 3 traders


From the Shadowlands expansion start, a horde of undead will be coming to the Azeroth. After Hero of Azeroth completes all questlines, by the plot he needs to come down to the heroic dungeons, which will available on the 60th level. If you were tired of a lot of PUG’s with bad skills, Balalaikaboost provides special for you, our new service, that called: Shadowlands heroic dungeons carry.

Our team with you will go to the most gothic, strange, and mystic places in the “Other world” Like:

  • The Necrotic Wake. First by plot, but not the first as completing a dungeon.
  • Plaguefall. One of the most interesting dungeon, which available from start.
  • Mists of Tirna Scithe. Routine dungeon, but have good gear for players.
  • Halls of atonement. 
  • Theater of Pain.
  • De Other Side. Loves mystic? This dungeon is for you.
  • Spires of Ascension.
  • Sanguine Depths. This is the last one from the list of hardened dungeons available for players in the shadowlands.

How it works

If you will order our carry boost for heroic dungeons in the World of Warcraft shadowlands, we will collect for you a team, which will be played with you until we are done. Our team are the most skillful players in the world of Warcraft shadowlands, who were testing all mechanics from the beta, and know the best strategies for completing these instances.

All you should do is check our requirements, choose the additional options, pay and… that’s all. Our manager will contact you to confirm the details of your buying, and we will start as soon as possible.

On the heroic dungeon carry, you can choose additional options like:

  • Trade Loot (1-3). This is means, that we can ask for some players with the same type of armor, give you a bit loot taken, through dungeons progress.
  • Self-play. Heroic instances are not so hard but need a lot of free time to complete them. So if you want to get a base loot and full experience from the dungeons, you can play for yourself in our team.
  • Pilot-mode. Have no time to “dungeoning” on this week. Ok, our booster will play from your account. But you should be assumed, that you give to our access to your character.

Our requirement

All requirements for heroic carry dungeon boost in the Shadowlands are similar and standard:

  1. You should have shadowlands expansion.
  2. You should have a character with 60th level.
  3. You should be assumed, about giving to our access if you choose a pilot-play mode.

And that’s all. Then we finish, we will inform you, and you will continue your adventure in the shadowlands world!

Get the best boost. Get ready to fight with the evilest antagonist in the Shadowlands World: the Jailer. But before… you should complete all 8/8 dungeons in heroic mode.