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Buy Dota 2 Low Priority Boost

Low Priority Boost
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Buy Dota 2 Low Priority Service

This is an account sharing service, which requires your login credentials as well as “unlocking/approving” our trusted booster’s first-time login to your account. Once the booster is on your account, he will win the purchased amount of games in order to remove the low priority flag from your account so that you are able to queue up for rated game modes. During the time spent on your account, and while playing low priority games, our booster will make sure to improve your behavior score by not engaging in toxic behavior such as flaming other players; spam pinging, emoting; griefing. Our boosters are professionals and are instructed to carry these games with their skill as well as to employ positive reinforcement tactics for their team, which will yield commends and tips that count towards your overall conduct summary.