Onyxia's Lair Raid Boost

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Onyxia's Lair Raid Boost Run

Service includes:

  • Successfully completed Onyxia's Lair Raid for your character;
  • All the work is done manually. We never use bots or programs to achieve the result;
  • You`ll get all the gold and achievements collected.

 Onyxia`s Lair is one of the shortest raid. There are only a few mobs and a single boss. However, though there is the only one dragon Onixia, you should fight at the end of the raid, it`s not that easy to cope with this task. To begin with, you`ll need to acquire a Drakefire Amulet to continue the raid. As the main boss is the dangerous dragon, you need to have enough fire resistance, planning to fight Onixia. Otherwise you`ll lose at the very beginning of the raid.

 Keep in mind that Onixia is the broodmother of the famous Black Dragonflight living in Azeroth. So, do not underestimate this boss. And if you`re not sure that you have enough time and desire to complete the longest attunement in the World of Warcraft and kill the furious Onixia, let us do all the boring work instead of you!

 Buy WoW Classical Onyxia`s Liar Raid boost and enjoy the results of the work, done by our professional players. 

Why us?

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  • Requires 48 lvl character
  • We need only your login and password, we don’t need your answer on secret question and password to your mail, that makes impossible to steal your account
  • We guarantee the safety of your account
  • Remove authenticator from your battle.net account or cancel mode “ask code each time i login”, and provide us code.
  • We shall contact you via Skype within several hours after the payment's complete to verify your information & payment details and after it you will receive your boost.
  • We shall do our best to provide you the service in the most convenient time for you