Battle For Azeroth Pathfinder (Parth one, Parth two)

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Service includes:

  • 1 Meta-achievements: Battle For Azeroth Pathfinder, Part one, Battle For Azeroth Pathfinder, Part two
  • 20% Increased Mount Speed on Kultiras and Zandalar continents
  • Full War Campaign completed for Horde or Alliance faction
  • Unlocking Island Expeditions
  • Warfront access
  • Warfront victory
  • 2 Last Mythic Dungeons access: Siege of Boralus for Horde and King's Rest for Alliance
  • Ready for War & Revered with Rustbolt Resistance , (H) Waveblade Ankoan , (A) The Unshackled

    Revered reputation with all Battle for Azeroth Factions
    Rewards: toys, pets, profession recipes, gear and others

    Battle for Azeroth  is a conflict in which the Horde and the Alliance factions fight against each other on the new lands of Kul Tiras Kingdom and Zandalar Empire. Before you  unlock flying on Battle for Azeroth zones, you have to be the first to complete Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One meta-achievement. 20% increased mount speed on Kultiras and Zandalar is guaranteed. Flying will be available later. Meta achievement is energy and time consuming. You need 100 different World Quests done, all 6 sub-zones searched, your faction's main zone questlines (the most important storylines on all 3 zones on Zandalar or Kul Tiras) completed, Revered reputation gained with all Battle for Azeroth factions, you must complete full War Campaign.

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    Requirements for Battle For Azeroth Pathfinder:
    120 Lvl Character, you can buy it here
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