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Queen Azshara Kill Boost

Service includes:

  • You will get Queen Azshara Kill Boost in chosen difficulty, participating in one of the finest raid teams
  • Powerful gear 430ilvl (up to 455ilvl) loot for your character’s chosen class and spec
  • You will receive the most demanding achievement AHEAD OF THE CURVE: QUEEN AZSHARA
  • AQUEOUS RELIQUARY items which will unlock the potential of your HEART OF AZEROTH. Rank 2 for the Essence from The Eternal Palace raid. Click here to find out more about Heart of Azeroth Essences.
  • Сhance to get a pet: ZANJ'IR POKER.This pet drops on all difficulties, Raid Finder included. There is no Mythic only pet for The Eternal Palace.
  • Basic Personal Loot option provides the quantity of items you find.
  • This service is possible selfplay or account share! As you prefer


Ten thousand years ago, as the seas engulfed Zin-Azshari, Queen Azshara forged a dark bargain with N'Zoth that transformed her loyal subjects into the sinister naga. Through milennia of brutal conquest, Azshara has built a new empire from the ruins of the old and now holds dominion over the depths that once threatened to claim her. Ever the gracious host, she has invited the Alliance and Horde alike into her eternal palace to witness her glorious ascension... and their ultimate demise.


Queen Azshara

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  • Requires 120 lvl character
  • We need only your login and password, we don’t need your answer on secret question and password to your mail, that makes impossible to steal your account
  • We guarantee the safety of your account
  • Remove authenticator from your battle.net account or cancel mode “ask code each time i login”, and provide us code.
  • We shall contact you via Skype within several hours after the payment's complete to verify your information & payment details and after it you will receive your boost.
  • We shall do our best to provide you the service in the most convenient time for you