Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, is the new World of Warcraft patch.

Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, is the new World of Warcraft patch.

Patch 8.2, or the Rise of Azshara, is the latest content patch in World of Warcraft. It features major changes to Battle For Azeroth as well as new zones (Nazjatar and Mechagon) a new dungeon (Operation: Mechagon), a new raid (Azshara’s Eternal Palace) and much more. Patch 8.2 is rumored to be one of the largest content patches in the history of the game. There will also be updates to the Heart of Azeroth, new Island Expeditions, customizable mounts, and the ability to unlock flying in Battle For Azeroth.


Nazjatar is a formerly underwater zone and you'll head all the way where Blizzard is able to show off the Naga Architecture. Here, you'll be able to leveling up your power in the zone with combat allies. One of the first things you'll do when you enter the zone is that Azshara has laid a trap for you. You'll have to run away through caves and avoid her forces until you power up. Each faction meets its own set of NPCs that hates the Naga.

  • The Horde meets a group of former Naga slaves composed of Gilbin, Makura and Sea Giants called the Unshackled.
  • The Alliance will help a group of water warriors.

You'll help build up their bases so you can attack back. One of the ways, you can do this is with your combat allies. You'll be able to choose one of three allies to head out with you for the day. They will gain experience by completing World Quests or killing rare spawns or doing their own daily quests which will unlock when you take them out. There are 30 levels for each combat ally and doing so makes them unlock new abilities and unlock other cosmetic rewards for you. 

Nazjatar will have an emissary, but all the World quests are themed around Nazjatar and Azshara. If you see a rare, it'll have a powerful Azshara themed affix that will be different the next time you're there. They will take over an area and bring base defenses with them. There will also be more World Quests that you unlock by doing a main questline related to the former denizens. 

There is also going to be some daily quests that you can pick up around the main hub that are more traditional kills or collects that you can grab before you head out for the day. 
Everything revolves around coming back to building up a main hub. 

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Azshara’s Eternal Palace

The raid in Patch 8.2 is Azshara’s Eternal Palace. Currently, there are eight known bosses in the raid: Naga Centaur, Rage of Azshara, Underwater Monstrosity, Lady Priscilla Ashvane, The Hatchery, Naga Council, Herald of N’Zoth, and Queen Azshara herself. Today’s live stream discussed an underwater fight, which may bring back memories of other bosses that required movement in three dimensions (Malygos in Wrath of the Lich King and Al-Akir in Cataclysm).

The Eternal Palace Boost


Heading to Mechagon, you'll first help them build up the first city, Rustbolt. Mecagon is all about building and tinkering. Projects are scattered throughout the island and you can scavenge to rebuild things like turrets to help defeat a rare faster.

3 thematic visitors will show up to Mechagon every day changing the spawning of the zone, and providing a daily quest each. This will be a good way to raise your Mechagon reputation. 

In Mechagon, most of the other content is find-at-your-own-pace. You may try to rebuild a mechanical cat, only to find that you can collect 9 different pain colors from different activities. You may start repairing a crazy robot, that turns out to be a giant spiderbot mount! 

When exploring, you'll see a star to represent a Rare spawn. Rares have different spawn timers, and some have rare or secret ways to get them to spawn. You'll know that when you see a star on your map, there's a chance of something good that you can get off it!

He also introduced Pascal the Robot. You'll be able to collect schematics when questing and build him up further. You can then use the scrap and batteries you find around Mechagon to build stuff yourself -- including a Mechanocat Laser Pointer mount!

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Unique Trinket

Mechagon has a unique trinket. You'll collect punch cards, that you can "socket" into the trinket to customize it for yourself.

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Operation: Mechagon

Mechagon will have a new trinket that players can utilize punch cards to socket in at the player’s discretion. Mechagon is also the name of the new dungeon in the area, which has 8 bosses. It is a Mythic-only dungeon much like Karazhan. Like Karazhan, Blizzard will possibly split the dungeon up for Mythic+ content later on. You will enter through a trash compactor and fight your way towards King Mechagon himself. The bosses in Mechagon include King Gobbamak, Gunker, Trixie & Naemov, H K-8 Aerial Oppression Unit, Tussie Tonks (a robot and machine), KU-JO (mechanized dog), Machinist’s Keep, and King Mechagon himself.

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Heart of Azeroth

You'll be rebuilding the the Heart chamber, and socket an essence into your Heart of Azeroth. When you start, you'll unlock the Gold circle in the middle of the Heart of Azeroth and you'll be able to socket an Essence into the middle. This unlocks an Active ability. As you level up your Heart of Azeroth, you'll unlock two minor essence slots which unlock a Minor Passive Power.

Essences also have different ranks. You can collect a higher rank essence without collecting a lower level essence. They don't just gain damage or stats, but have the option of gaining more stats, utility, charges and more! For those who compete at the top levels of raiding or PvP, you can unlock the Legendary version which offers a dramatic cosmetic change.

Essences drop from different things like questing, reputation, dungeoning, raiding or PvP and there's always something to work towards if you want to collect them all.

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Mount Equipment

The Water Strider is one of the most used mounts nowadays in newer expansions, due to its innate water-walking ability. To combat this, a new mount equipment system is being added: You can add new priorities to your mounts! Some examples are:

  • Prevention from being dazed.
  • Water Walking
  • A Parachute when you jump from too high.

Battle for Azeroth Season 3

Season 3 will include new mounts, a new seasonal Mythic+ affix, Azshara's Eternal Palace, the Mechagon Megadungeon, new loot and increased Item Levels.


Some of the new collectibles available during Rise of Azshara are showcased below, including new mounts like crabs and snapdragons native to Nazjatar and a fancy new vehicle from Mechagon, as well as an Alarm-Bot and Slug pets!

Five of those were revealed:

  • Mechano-wheel Mount
  • Crab Mount (Previewed at BlizzCon)
  • Snap Dragon Mount (Naga Unit from WC3)
  • New Customizable mechanocat with different tints
  • Tidal Guardian (Naga WC3 Unit) tamable by Hunters
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Other Stuff

  • War Campaign: Baine is chained up beneath Orgrimmar and people will see what the culmination of all the players in that storyline in the next chapter of the War Campaign.
  • Tauren / Gnome Heritage Armor
  • Heroic Warfronts
  • Pathfinder Part II: You'll be able to fly in Zuldazar, Kul Tiras, Nazjatar and Mechagon!
  • Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon
  • World Events Revamp: World Events will be receiving revamps in Rise of Azshara. Brewfest, for instance, is receiving pretzel-themed hats and a pretzel-eating competition!
  • Epic Battleground: Ashran - make sure to check the armor in the pic!